CSS ColoUr Palette

Nice tool to generate from an image at cssdrive

So, in the SCSS these exist as

// $primary-color: #008CBA;
// $secondary-color: #e7e7e7;
// $alert-color: #f04124;
// $success-color: #43AC6A;
// $warning-color: #f08a24;
// $info-color: #a0d3e8;

And can therefore be overwritten in _overrides.scss and ‘watched’ with Compass as per the forum

So this site can swap primary color blue for green like this

$primary-color: #706E55 !default;

Top bar can be changed too, from

$topbar-bg: #556888;


$topbar-bg: #4A4F49;

Anyway, a quick CD into the site root and two words

compass watch

…and nearly 8000 lines of CSS are automatically massaged (okay, so I’ve got the super verbose output). Even better is the compact style

compass watch -s compact

…and nearly 3000 lines of CSS are carefully updated

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