Wednesday Apr 03, 2019

I went to a great talk at Cosgrove Village Hall yesterday on Polish Art History by Sonia Bacchus, and from knowing next to nothing feel I at least know a bit now ;-) A lot of the painters were contemporary with some of my favourite paintings, albeit this was Impressionism Eastern European style. Sonia’s point about Polish art possibly being overlooked as a sort of Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantine way was interesting, and I really had forgotten about the hardships of life behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970s and 80s, when even denim jeans were exotic.

The speaker’s enthusiasm was contagious even if the difficulty of being a country–as she put it–‘between two greedy neighbours’ was always there as a thing in the background to the art–even before we looked at paintings by the Father of Polish Art , we looked at maps showing Poland between Germany and Russia, and also Austria-Hungary to the south. I distinctly remember that it was always very fraught to play anywhere in the middle of the continent in either Risk or Diplomacy, and it was always better to be, say, a rainy island off to the north west somewhere.

For my own records I jotted the names down and have that at least as a reference.

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Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

Slightly weird maybe, but I was looking for demo videos at some of the Ju Jitsu throws I’ve been learning recently, in preparation for my next grading: not BJJ either, although there are massive overlaps with that and Judo too. I mean Japanese Ju Jitsu

Anyway, without exception every video seems to start with:

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Tuesday May 02, 2017

I don’t know why school teachers and have to keep peddling this particular old chestnut… especially when the people who say it seem to be the people from whom I least believe it! Please stop!

How about:

  • Maths is useful
  • Maths isn’t all that hard
  • Maths is easier with practice

No one ever says brushing your teeth is fun. Useful, yes, and a good habit to get into… but this whole fun thing seems to be as useful as products labelled lite are at helping with weight loss.