After the David McCandless (of Information is beautiful fame) talk last week, I’ve had a look at some of the tools described.

My key takeaway was definitely that this was creative exercise, and that as well as actually thinking, good thing to use in the early stages was pen and paper!

However, once there’s a story to tell, some of the goodies mentioned:

Oh, and Tableau, too, complete with videos


This one at Mashable is a bit old, but got me thinking

If not Foundation, what else?

I know I’d prefer SASS over LESS because of my already burgeoning back-of-a-postage-stamp background knowledge

And so we reach Gumby (And the inevitable YouTube videos oh and tutorial like this at developerdrive)

Responsiveboilerplate sounded fine until I saw LESS

Important Tools

  • npm online repository for the publishing Node.js projects_and_ a command-line utility for interacting with this
  • bower a package manager for the web

Anyway, here’s the ‘go’ button

bower install gumby