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I studied (and really enjoyed) art up to O level at school, then fitted the A level in around what I deemed to be proper subjects at A level (Biology, Chemistry and Maths), and never actually turned up for the A level exam, as I didn’t deem it important at the time (!) as it didn’t form part of any university offer.

I put it down then for ages (Decades after getting a BSc in Biology), until I enrolled on a Foundation course in Fine Art, much, much later. Twice. And never completed either–I hated being a student again, and couldn’t be doing with hanging out with teenagers again (having got enough of them at home!), as well as finding it a challenge to juggle family life with lessons/lectures.

Anyway, the art finally came good after staying good friends with the (now former) Head of the Art Department, who then set up a painting and drawing group for “people who can be free on a Tuesday in MK3”, and that is where the bulk of stuff is either created or gets its inspiration.

I’ve also collected some of work after starting Art College but before MK3, and put it in a Lightbox equivalent, too.