Textpattern _partials

Mar 18, 2014

The default txp theme on Github has a lot of partials

…to adjust the gradients it’s all in /sass/core/_settings.scss ;no overrides, just rewrite this lot

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Data Homesteading

Mar 10, 2014

Just as I’m finally embracing Twitter and putting a feed on the site, with Kevin Potts again leading the way, linking to two plugins…

…I’m reminded of why I was such a slow adopter in the first place by Michael Bester (author of kimili of the plugin fame)…

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CSS ColoUr Palette

Mar 07, 2014

In the SCSS these exist as

$primary-color: #008CBA;
$secondary-color: #e7e7e7;
$alert-color: #f04124;
$success-color: #43AC6A;
$warning-color: #f08a24;
$info-color: #a0d3e8;

…and can therefore be overwritten in _overrides.scss and ‘watched’ with Compass

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Mar 07, 2014

Funny the things you notice when watching Speed Code

Never mind that the icons are great, the site itself is a thing of beauty… (And even the way the repositories on Github are starred was another What’s that? moment. Anyway, Jan Kovarik gives his explanations at

Foundation Icon Fonts

Which then got me thinking… And looking! And Zurb has these also… (Does that sound American enough?)

CSS Gradients

Mar 07, 2014

Colorzilla has a CSS/SCSS mixin generator, and can spit out multiple browser versions with solid colour fall-back : -)

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