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Veerle Pieters tweeted an article about how web design is just so hard again again with a link to Frank Chimero’s Essay Everything Easy Is Hard Again, and how whatever I could do 20 years ago counts for nothing…

The king is dead. Long live the king!

I too have been faffing around with Node, npm and Grunt and now Gulp, and Foundation and Bootstrap and a bit of HTML 5 Boilerplate and even UIKit.

I’ve had to make friends with the command line and remind myself of how to put down the mouse and create and open directories again. I’ve also had to update Ruby on my Mac using Homebrew and Ruby gems too (For Compass to use Sass).

I’ve even had to learn how to figure out how to configure a package.json file and and gulp file.js. Oh, and GitHub for cloning code repositories, too.

…And none of it has been anything to do with actual design and build of websites, but is rather the collection of the biggest toolkit known to man to prepare to build something!