Death of Dean

I was motivated to post on the Textpattern forum

I was further motivated to reply to a post here, too:

Thank you for this article in response to Death of Dean. I too have been grappling with the impermanence of web stuff, and am sad that my creative outputs of 10-20 years ago has all been deleted. I did some nice stuff once, but might as well have been an accountant for all that’s survived (Every year, the set of accounts is started anew, and nothing is kept beyond what’s necessary for tax returns).

I too am increasingly drawn to the real-world hold-in-your-hands book idea, especially since it’s either easier or I’m getting the hang of it better to actually publish stuff. I recently made a book of a hand-written journal my uncle wrote (to be read!) dating from 1963, which was of great comfort to family members after he died. By going back to paper and pages that turn by hand, the tyranny of browser version or display resolution was deftly side-stepped. (I’ve used Lulu and Blurb for my experiments so far.)