In the SCSS these exist as

$primary-color: #008CBA;
$secondary-color: #e7e7e7;
$alert-color: #f04124;
$success-color: #43AC6A;
$warning-color: #f08a24;
$info-color: #a0d3e8;

…and can therefore be overwritten in _overrides.scss and ‘watched’ with Compass

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Funny the things you notice when watching Speed Code

Never mind that the icons are great, the site itself is a thing of beauty… (And even the way the repositories on Github are starred was another What’s that? moment. Anyway, Jan Kovarik gives his explanations at

Foundation Icon Fonts

Which then got me thinking… And looking! And Zurb has these also… (Does that sound American enough?)

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<txp:smd_calendar />

Fullsize calendar works fine, but problem for

<txp:smd_calendar size="small" />

txp mag

Okay, so it’s a bit like casting spells, but when everything’s up and running (Windows or OSX, so cmd or Terminal, and got Ruby smiling on both …actually with OSX being the biggest pain to get the right version), there are a couple of super commands at my disposal

foundation new MY_PROJECT

and, once CD-ed into that directory,

compass watch

How good is that?

Oh, and all overrides go into the _overrides.scss partial :-))

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We are a small, village school with a strong family atmosphere, catering for children aged 4 – 7 years with approximately forty children on roll. We provide a high standard of education where children enjoy a friendly and caring school life. Our school provides a stimulating environment in which all children can become well motivated, independent learners.

The children learn to take responsibility for themselves and to develop care and respect for their community. They participate in small learning groups, enabling both learning difficulties and high attainment to be provided for. We have very strong links with our village community and make extensive use of our local environment.

We hope you find our website of interest. Do contact us if you would like any further information about our school.

Julie Baldwin

Sounds like a Rush album, but getting into this again now… This is the future, and it’s already here. To ignore this any longer would be foolish indeed. In fact, I feel like I’ve been staring at the iPhone of the CMS/Blog world, and moaning about the lack of buttons!

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Read some great stuff today, and it seems that whilst hiding in my cave, things have moved on for the better…

I think I was Googling the (latest) best practice for iPhone and related contraption styling, which I found a rich seam at CSS Wizardry

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